Book World

Explore the wonderful world of Lilith Lyman, Professor Brot and Cronkite. Keep your fingers crossed for Bartholomew – unless of course you are on Baz' side – caught on the Möbius band. Get more out of life or just get it over with thanks to Swap or discover secrets beyond the known universe and go Deep.

Real World

In the past twenty years I have been a writer and editor in the IT, textile, sports and fashion industries as well as local and national politics. As a digital media expert in tourism I have been very fortunate to devise, create, launch and analyse countless exciting content campaignsThis is just a small and admittedly random sample of what I do when I don't spend my time on adventures with Ken Lowe, Poppy Pendragon or the Pasternak sisters.

Have you ever?

Let's face it: You'll never live long enough to read all the books you would want to read. But if you have not read one of these: Stop whatever you are doing right now and only continue with your life once you have read them. You'll thank me later.